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EDGEtv Influencers accomplish some amazing things. And while they all come from different walks of life, there’s at least one thing they would agree they have in common: community. Check out Nic Lamb dropping into this wave. Sure, at this moment, all the glory goes to him. But who made that board? Who pioneered this break (and big wave surfing in general)? Who drove him to the beach as a kid? Who told him he can do it?

In this issue we celebrate EDGEtv’s warriors and throw a nod to the communities who’ve got their backs.

Big EDGEtv Welcome to Nic Lamb!

surf photos courtesy of WSL

Do not let his surname fool you, ladies and gentlemen. In fact, his surname might be the most ironic thing in surfing. When it comes to big waves, new EDGEtv Influencer, Nic Lamb, is a Wolf. Born and raised in Santa Cruz, California, he upholds a proud tradition of local chargers – Daryl “Flea” Virostko, Jay Moriarity, Ken “Skindog” Collins, Shawn “Barney” Barron, and the list goes on.

Currently a top-ranked World Surf League Big Wave Tour (WSL) competitor and 2016 Winner of the Titans of Mavericks contest, Nic is focused on getting himself into the best shape possible by training with UFC coaches and eating clean.

When he’s not in his Buell wetsuit, you’ll often find Nic in a tailored suit, working his way into the entertainment business in Los Angeles, and advocating a more competitive/professional approach to Big Wave surfing events. If Connor McGregor can make big Pay-Per-View bucks by facing down formidable opponents in the octagon, why shouldn’t surfers like Nic have the same opportunities by facing down formidable waves?

Gold Coast Cruisin’

At EDGEtv, we get all giddy when our influencers send us raw footage of their radness. Check out Influencers Angelika Schriber and Matty Hasler blowing up at Gold Coast Wake Park!

Where There’s a Will…

DIY is rad, an upraised fist in the face of corporate sellouts and labels, but what if DIY has overlooked a major component of what it takes to create meaningful music and art? Check out this rad EDGEtv article about how Influencer Will Dailey is helping to bring back the importance of community to the music scene.

Road to Nowhere

photo courtesy of Seeking Nirvana

Old school sailing vessels…horseback…cross-country ski treks…The Seeking Nirvana crew will do whatever it takes to find the best lines in the most adventurous ways. Up next? Vanagon yonderings. We can’t wait for Road to Nowhere, in production now.

Hmmmm, could hot-air-balloons be on the horizon?

The Netflix of Snowboards

The days of saving your every last penny for a new snowboard are over. Check out this EDGEtv exclusive review of Signal Snowboards, a California-based company that’s bringing the Netflix subscription model to the snowboard industry!

photo courtesy of Signal Snowboards


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